5a Slack Toss

Can any one make a tut for this please?


Or at least tell me how to do it please

I hope I can help! Sometimes, when I explain things, I confuse myself!

What you do is exactly as Jake does in the video for the first few steps (If you want, I can explain these too). When you get to the part when you drop the slack, pinch your thumb and pointer together and drop the loop. You will then toss the CW arou and through the loop the is hanging, all the while landing that string in the gap of the yo-yo.

Drop everything but the CW and the string on your pointer and cross your arms.

its all of it I don’t even know what he does in the first couple of steps, What i think he does is:

  1. throws a breakaway
  2. Trapeze
  3. dismount that and go nearly into a trapexe and bro but goes over the finger not under (if you know what i mean)
  4. swings everything over the top and lands the yoyo in the triangle thing,
  5. drops some slack swings the counter weight through and gets an arms crossed GT thing.

Thats what i think he does but i still get confused and don’t even know if that is right, everything needs explaining to me really or if you have a camera could you make a tut?


i think i have done it once but don’t know how

Sure, I can break te whole thing into steps. I would be happy (and even excited!) to make a tutorial, but we have no method of filming one save for a camera. If I did that, then I would have to make a tutorial on how to understand my tutorial…it would not be pretty. :slight_smile:

Your step one and two is right!

The next part is to check you have that cross in the string Jake does at this point.

Swing the yo-yo and it lands in the chopsticks mount.

Drop the loop on the throwhand, then just do the stuff I talked about earlier.

Does this help? From what you said, you seemed liked you had most of this first part down! Alright! Good luck!

Oh i didn’t know it had a chopsticks mount in it i need to go have a look at that, I don’t know how to do them.

Yeah, I believe it is some chopsticks sort of move, somewhat hard to tell from the video. I tried it and it worked, so I’m gonna have to say he is doing likewise.

Have you gotten the trick to work?

Once, but still don’t know how your tips have been great but i still think i need a visual guide to see what i need to do, you have explained it extremely well, that is how i sort of did it before but i think i need a whole 10 min video of close ups to see what i have to do!

I got it! I’ll make a tutorial soon, so stay tune.

Happy Throwing! =]


Hows the tutorials coming along?

I’m sorry Cameron, I couldn’t find my camera. I’ll post a video on the weekend. Stay tune.

Happy Throwing! =]

Awesome but im going on holiday and the place im going i don’t think has internet but if it does i will have learnt it by the time i get back. Oh yeh i leave tomorrow

How is the tut coming along, thanks.