U.S.A.! Any July 4th Independence Day Plans?

I was wondering what you guys are doing tomorrow. Are you going to a barbecue, or several? Maybe going to see some fireworks?

I’m hosting a little barbecue at my place. I invited ten people over, and decided to stick to a group that I can manage. Last time I did this was four years ago, and I had 30 people over. I was in over my head, and never got a chance to talk to any of them, but it was so good for them, that they never forgot it, and have been hounding me ever since. I was traumatized, and could barely walk when it was over. I literally stood in front of the grill the entire time. I’m flattered that they enjoyed it though, and I’m on vacation from work for a few weeks, so I decided that the time is now. The weather will be 80 degrees and overcast, no rain, just perfect. :wink:

I started this thread, because I’ll be babysitting some baby backs for about five hours tomorrow morning. I’ll be posting in here while I’m babysitting.

So, what are you guys doing?

Going to sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s house for bbq, firework, and beer.

Sounds good. I prefer to be a guest, and I bring something to contribute, but I prefer to sit and relax. After four years relaxing and other people doing all the work, it’s time to bring my A game. :smiley:

I will be playing a concert tomorrow at noon. Worst part is that I have to fight the crowds with a drum set.

family is coming to my house (thankfully not too many people tho :D)

my little town i live in has a old fashion car and military parade. (within walking distance) so we are planning on going to that we are seeing fireworks tonight though! ;D

We are going to see some fireworks