Types of hub stacks


What kinds of hub stacks are there? And how is it different than other?


There are your standard hub stacks, a small post that sits in the rim. Many stacked yoyos use this, including the PGM, Mutant DNA, and Superstar.

There are long stacks, which are longer than the standard ones and may extend past the rim. I don’t think anytihng comes stock with these pre-installed.

There are Z-stacks, which are larger in diameter and tend to fill up the rim and can be easier to catch, such as the YYF G5. Other companies use similar concepts, such as the Madhouse Epic, which I, personally feel is the best stacked yoyo ever. Many Magic YoYos use this kind of stack, or at least sell a variation that uses this type.

There are “dice stacks”, which are like regular stacks, but they use a cut-down dice or product designed to look like a cut-down dice.

Then there are Jimmy Hats, which is what Werrd calls their stacks. It’s a cross between a regular stack and the Z-type stacks. The regular stack with a flared top.

Auldey has the Photon Spirit, which has such large stacks that they wrap around the rim, giving you a full spinning rim.

Normal hub stacks and even dice stacks can be much harder to catch. The Z-type stacks are a snap. Jimmy Hats are pretty easy to catch as well.


i have a really small hand which is the best for me? Longest or biggest?

(DOGS) #4

Also, there are top tips that can fit in the yoyofactory long stacks.