Type of Strings

I always hear people talk about like type 6 and 8 string. What does all that mean? Cause I see on yoyonation

Type 6 string has a smaller diamater than type 8 or 10. Type 6 is probaly the most used and most recomended string out there. As for what it means Type 6 is 6 tiny strings twisted into one. Type 8 is 8 tiny strings twisted into one. Thats all Ive heard anyway. And I find it to be true.

I like 100% polyester.


I forgot to put the reason I like 100% Polyester is because it is very durable, lasts long and is used by lots of good players

well type 6 string is used mainly;y for unresponsive play. that’s probably why its used so much and is recommended, because the majority of players play unresponsively. type 8,9 and 10 are all bigger in diameter and make your yo more responsive. my favorite string is type 6 polyester string. later and keep it spinning.