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what is the difference between a polyester type 6, 8, and 10 string? i hear such good things about the type 10 100% poly string but i can’t find anywhere that has it in stock.

try ordering at

as it goes higher the string 6 8 10 and so on (thats the thickness) it becomes more responsive because think about it the string is wider so what ever response system you have on your yoyo that will hit the string on the sides on it will come back up. Hope that anwered your questions

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Basic facts:

Slick 6 is thinner than slick 8, while type 10 is the thinnest.

Type 9 is in between 6 and 10 as far as thinnest.

Slick 6 is 3x2 strands.

Slick 8 is 4x2 strands.

Type 10 is 2x5 strands.

Type 9 is 3x3 strands.