Strings Guide

Okay, so a lot of people had questions about string, burns, type, what kind.etc So here are some answers.

Question 1: What is the difference between cotton and polyester?

Cotton is less durable, and therefor breaks easier. Polyester is stronger than cotton, but polyester is grippy, and will cause string burns when doing eli hops, or boomerang. Later on, some genius just twisted cotton and polyester together, making a 50-50 string, cotton and polyester. It has the benefits of both, though at smaller levels.

Question 2: What does type 6 string mean?

Types are basically just the thickness of the string.
Slick 6 is thinner than slick 8, while type 10 is the thinnest.
Type 9 is in between 6 and 10 as far as thinnest.

Question 3: The string is burning my finger! It hurts! What should I do?

Don’t worry, each of us had to experience this. After a while, a callous forms, or thicker skin, and it won’t even bother you. If you are really uncomfortable, then you can buy a glove here, or if you don’t want to spend the money, athletic tape, or my personal favorite, a piece of cloth. The cloth let me develop my callous, while keeping it from hurting. So I just slowly developed a callous.

Question 4: My middle finger has no circulation because of the yoyo string, what should I do???

This is very much like question 3, don’t worry. However, if it is feeling numb, just take the string off and rest a while. Or you can do what is suggested by question 3.

Question 5: What is string tension?

String tension is just how twisted your string is. If your string is too twisted, and it bundles up into “spaghetti string” just let go of your yoyo, and let it twist on the bottom. Or you can do UFO and the split bottom string tension adjuster. Some people say the more tight it is, the more responsive it is and vice versa, but I’m not really sure about that.

If there are any questions anyone wants me to answer, then just tell me.

Great post! This will help some people who dont know about the strings. Maybe an addition of string tension and types such detailed poly, cotton, 50-50

yes very true

Is there a standard string length?

The answer to Question 2 is wrong. Here is the info for it:

[i]Slick 6 is thinner than slick 8, while type 10 is the thinnest.

Type 9 is in between 6 and 10 as far as thinnest.[/i]
I got that from:,5731.0.html

Thanks guys.

Slick means 50/50 string if i’m not wrong. Correct those “Slick” and "Type"s. Correct me if i’m wrong though.

Types are the number of strands of string, not the thickness. Change that :slight_smile:

No offense.

Look at the part you bolded. He put that information in there. But if you want more info:
[i]Type 9 is in between 6 and 10 as far as thinnest.

Slick 6 is 3x2 strands.

Slick 8 is 4x2 strands.

Type 10 is 2x5 strands.

Type 9 is 3x3 strands.[/i]

But then the type still is the thickness, which is easier to understand then saying this type has this number of strands

I can tell you that is very true for me. When the string is tight, the yoyo doesn’t slide or glide on the string well and it is also a lot easier to bind when it is tight. When it is loose or should I say neutral, the yoyo slides very well and it’s more difficult to bind.
That’s how it is for me.

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