ok guys i need help on which string i need to buy so if you could explain why you like that kind of string and/or give me a link to that string or tell me all the details so i can look for it thanks :wink:

Okay there are 3 materials and 4 types.

100% Cotton - The most comfortable on your finger, and it doesnt burn as much as polyester when doing string tricks like boomerang or eli hops. But it breaks the most easily.
100% Polyester - The strongest one, it doesn’t break on you that easily, but it burns your finger when doing boomerangs or eli hops.
50/50 Cotton/Polyester(Slick) - mixture lol, I use them

Type 6 - made up of 2 strands made up of 3 threads each. The thinnest, best for unresponsive play.
Type 8 - Made up of 2 strands of 4 each. This + Cotton = What your grandfather used.
Type 9 - 3x3 strands, its thicker than the rest.
Type 10 - Do they sell these anymore? They’re just 10x1 and they’re really thick and durable. Comes in the Vulto Saga yoyo if im not wrong. (My second yoyo)

What I use: Type 8 50/50, bcause i ordered 100 of them on accident rofl, i wanted type 6 50/50 but i have to burn all the ones i ordered before i can order them.

If you’re beginning, use type 8 100 cotton (Just buy 5 or so, so you can run out and buy the below) bcause they won’t burn your fingers, and arent too unresponsive.

If you’re getting pro, you can use type 6 slick or 100 poly, bcause the cottons will probably break if you have a strong throw.

thanks dude im goin get 50/50 thaks to you but im advanced and lol when i was beginer i bought type 8 100% cotton so like you said got to wear those out first efore buy but thanks bro appriecsate the time!

Also, when you get more advanced, G-String is the way to go!

Try out any of these. I personally recommend Intetnus, or Regular. They are WONDERFUL strings, and they last longer then any other string I have tried (NOTE: I have not tried Angel Hair or Alchemy, nor do I want to. I highly recommend not getting those, from what I have heard from other people.)

Have Fun Throwing,

g-string is so expansive though i whats whith angel hair? Do you have any other recomendations(I tried to use a big word) Thanks

I thought it was expensive too, but i’m just going to get 50 of the cheap ones because they last longer than YYN highleters

in your explination you forgot about the fact that there is now type 4 yoyostring as found in the mini flea and it is only made in cotton

They dont have type 4 for sale much anywhere i know of.