String Types

Ok, I have heard a lot about different types of string, and I sort of understand a little bit of the difference, but could someone explain the difference between what the different types of string are. Like type 6, 9, etc. And what does it mean when someone says string is 3x2, or 3x3? Thanks.

well i dont know about the 2x3 and that stuff but i know that type 9 is thicker than type six and theres type 8 which is thicker than type six but thiner than type nine i preferably like type six because its not to thick but last a long time

ya your right but i think the 2x3 is that there are two strands of string twisted together then you get three of those and trwist together and you get your string. just a theory so if im wrong dont call me stupid for guessing.

Okay, let me take a whack at this…

If you undo a Type 6(3x2) string. You will find 6 strands. However, since all strings are doubled up to make a full string, we only look at 3 of the strands. So, the number of strands is the first number. And if we open up one of the strands, we would find 2 individual threads to make the second number.

Technically, it would be consider 2x3x2, but since every string is doubled up and has the first two, it was removed to only have the last two numbers.

(This would be easier to understand if you take a look at your own string as well. :)),5731.0.html

Actually, that guide doesn’t do a very good job of explaining it and explains it kind of wrong.

I thought it would be accurate as it was in DYonch’s guide.  :-
Oh well, never mind.

Here’s a simple list-thingy that I just made:

Type 6 String (3x2): The standard type of string that most string trick players use.  Some loopers also use this, because they claim it allows for faster loops.  Because it is thin, it makes your yoyo less responsive.  This is the string you’ll find stock with higher end yoyos and brands.  This string comes in a wide variety of materials, but the most common is 50/50 (Cotton/polyester) and 100% polyester.

Type 8 String (4x2): This is the type of string most loopers use.  This is because it gives more response, due to the fact that it’s thicker than type 6.  You’ll find this stock with most Duncan, Yomega, and YoYoJam yoyos.  It comes in cotton, and 50/50.

Type 9 String (3x3): This string isn’t used as often as the two above.  It’s thicker than type 6, but thinner than type 8.  A lot of Duncan’s 5A players like this string, because it doesn’t add as much response as type 8, but you have a better “Feel” of the string than type 6.  As far as I know, it only comes in cotton.

Type 10 String (1x10): This is string is even thinner than type 6.  Brazilian string and Kitty string are type 10 string.  These aren’t as common as the above, but some people like it.  If you want an even thinner string than type 6, this is for you.  It comes in polyester, and Brazilian polyester blends.

Type 4 String (2x2): This is custom string made for the Mighty Flea.

It’s almost unplayable with any other yoyo.  It comes in cotton, and polyester blends (Such as PF String and G-string).

Those are really the only types you need to know.  The others have already explained how the number of the string “type” is determined.  I hope this helps!  If you have any more questions, I’m sure anyone here at YYE will be glad to answer them. :slight_smile: