i need your guys opinon


on this type of string for 4a

I know its long but is it thick enough?


I don’t really know I haven’t used them but poly string is usually fairly thin. The type 6-10 usually represents thickness. 10 being the thickest. 6 is like average type string for non loopers. If you believe it to be too think you can go up types. They normally increase in thickness since normally there is more cotton woven into the string. Hope this helps.

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Actually the lenngth is the only difference here. this is pure polyester so there i no cotton. the 3x2 is standard thickness that most ppl use and prefer(i do anyways) but if you think it’s 2 thin you go up to type 8 ot type 10. these higher types are thicker and therefor have reponse which is why more advanced players stick with type 6 and stau unresponsive

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Actually, If I’m not mistaken, type 10 strings are the thinnest of all of those string types, unless that only applies to Brazilian type 10…


The lower the number, the thinner.

That stuff should work wonders, type 6 is best in my opinion, lot less snaggy. John Narum uses that stuff if I am correct.

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correct u are


You would be correct. Type 10 is thinner than type 9 and type 9 is thinner than type 6. 8 is thicker than 6.

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Yes, type 10 is the thinnest.

In my opinion, it is perfect for offstring. Thin, but not so thin that its hard to bind.