Tyler Severence 1A

Hey guys, I was curious If any of you guys would make a tutorial for Tyler Severence’s combo at 0:20 to 0:28. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skCB4e92GpY . And no, i will not download some stupid third party program to slow down. I need a tutorial please.

I used to keep asking my friends to show me how to do combos that pros do and all that.

To be honest it’s to annoying for people to do this kind of stuff all the time… Just slow it down like everyone else and examine it until you understand EXACTLY what is going on. Know it so that you can think about it in your mind and know exactly how the trick goes and what moves you need to do.

Then all you have to do is practice.

I know it’s probably not the answer you wanted to hear but it’s probably the most honest answer you’re going to get.

The problem is, I CANT!!! I’m am not allowed to install third party programs. That’s why I can only learn from tuts


Its a braintwister combo. It would take for ever to learn the exact parts he does, make one up.

If everyone could do his combos he made up, he wouldn’t be as skilled as he is. And then that would mean everyone could be just like Tyler Severance.

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i mean the trick before

you don’t have quick time? If not pause it in windows and then click on the progress indicator, and slide it along.
also Tyler may make one for you if you ask him too. Try hitting him up on facebook. Making a post on his wall and ask. He has a weekly blog that I am sure he could use some content for.

Also may I ask why you can’t have third party programs on the computer? If it is a work computer just ask your IT department to get quick time on there for you. It will be rare that they won’t allow it on the computer. if they block you there, then go ahead and go to the library and use that computer to learn this one trick. :wink:

still have parents to think about :wink:

o thats easy ill try to make a tut for you because i always do the first part of that trick every time i yoyo and the second part isnt that hard for me to add on to it ill try to make a tut i dont have a camera person or a tri pod though

Thanks, I owe you one.

I have to agree with x52. Anyone who asks for a tutorial on anyone else’s tricks aren’t really doing anything constructive to the innovation and advancement of yoyo tricks. Be original. Go create your own combos - or even more difficult, create new tricks.

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While I agree that there is a point where you should start innovating and creating stuff using your own head, I disagree that players of all levels should be, or can be, doing it. The more tricks you learn that others have made up, the easier of a time you’ll have being creative and making up stuff of your own.

I see no harm in asking for help with a trick. It’s like the online equivalent of people helping each other with tricks at contests or clubs.



Someone who believes in my post. Thanks for agreeing Samad.

The reason why I want to learn this trick is that it looks flashy and Tyler doesn’t use it anymore. At least he didn’t use it at this recent contest. (see for yourself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHtWFE3alVE&feature=related )

When do you think it would be ready? ???

Here’s an idea. Make up your own tricks.

Dude, you know its good to copy other people’s trick. It gives inspiration for a new trick.

Do you understand what the braintwister combo is? Its just frontstyle tricks put together mainly from a over/under mount, each player has their own unique one, and just because Tyler didn’t use it recently doesn’t mean he’s abandoned it… ::slight_smile:

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Sorry about the avatar. By the way,I was talking about the trick before the braintwister =). I am not completely cluesless :wink: