Tyler severance BAC and worlds performance

Hey, so I know that’s Tyler severance has a couple signatures, including the new supernova (which I own). However, I noticed that he has been competing in mostly 5a divisions. I’ve heard that the supernova isn’t very good for 5a. So, is he using a genesis? In his BAC freestyle it looked like he was using a severe. Now I’m really confused. Please help!

The Severe(not delrin) is an absolute beast… I regret trading mine :-\

I don’t really see why this was moved to this section, but ok.

He used the new supernova at worlds

I don’t know why he would make his yoyo for himself (who is a world 5a champion and always competes in 5a, only sometimes in 1a) bad at 5a. Seems a bit strange.

thats pretty true , they said they tried to adapt it to his long combos, but thats all they can say cuz duncan will fine them for bringing up 5a

where did you hear this? The Supernova is a MONSTER for 5a