Why no Tyler


Why was Tyler Severance not at worlds? One of my favorite players. I was bummed he wasn’t there.


^ I was looking for him too. I hope he’s gearing up for Japan 2015 though. He’s done a lot of contests lately, so he probably could use a break. I missed him too though. :wink:

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Am I the only person who feels he could rival Takeshi in 5A?


no, but it’s not me.


I feel like Takuma Inoue and Jake Elliott are a lot closer.


Tyler’s good, but takeshi is like a 5a prodigy…
But in Tyler’s defense, he’s also really good at 1a :stuck_out_tongue:
(Which again, takeshi is a prodigy xD)


Add Sora Ishikawa to that list (which in my opinion should have won)

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Severance got 2nd at worlds last year. He’s a top tier 5A player.