Outside the norm

Which players do you like who play outside their normal style?
For example Shinji Saito and Takeshi Matsuura have won titles in 2a and 5a respectively, but I really like watching their 1a.
Any others?

Tyler’s 1A

Takeshi matsuura’s 3a

Ryota Ogi 3A
Very unique and has to be seen to be believed. Completely different from his 1A

I only know Tyler for his 1A. He’s more well known for another style?


That’s like his mojo. lol

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ben conde 1a

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I love John Narums 1a ;D

Ben Conde 2a

Yuuki’s 2a?

John Ando’s 1A.

Ben Conde’s fixed axle offstring.

My 1a! (Gotta advertise yo self)

Yeah. Tyler= 2007 5A world champ and 2012 US national 5A winner.

I’m just ignorant. :wink: Think I’ve mostly seen his stuff for promo videos, in which there’s a lot of 1A. Checked out some of the 5A now, though. Crazy.

Grant Johnson’s, Takeshi Matsuura’s, and Shinji Saito’s 1a are all so good.