tyler severance placed 2nd in 5a and louis placed 3rd in 1a!!! Congrats yyf team! You guys are awesome!


I wanted them to take it all…but they still did well. Great job from those guys.

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There’s always next year.


Duncan did better :stuck_out_tongue: lol


Throw Duncan :smiley:

Anyway, I’m very glad that Enrique placed.


I honestly thought both of them would get 1st in their divisions


I agree with this. I think YoyoFactory did a lot to make sure he had the right equipment for the job. It was well worth it. He had a great performance and exuded lots of confidence on stage. They should be nothing but proud. Great job by Duncan as well, of course. Also, my heart is always with Yoyojam…always one of the best teams. Nice job by everyone…they must be exhausted.


Takeshi did win 5a :smiley:

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I think it should’ve gone:

Luis Enrique
Paul Kerbel
Christopher Chia

Kerbel and Enrique were ON FIRE


After watching the freestyles…I have to agree with you. Luis was incredible and Paul was AMAZING!! Yo-Yo really looks like a sport when he’s on stage. Great showmanship and technically great too. I’m always a fan of Chris Chia. He’s always great.


Great to see some fellow Mexicans do something worthwhile. So far I’ve been pretty ashamed of my race for many reasons.


Luis did great, he could have placed 1st except he did like 3-4 combos that were insane, but looked SOOOO much alike.

as for 5a, Tyler did well, but Takeshi was leagues above him in terms of tricks and overall performance,
that kid is a genius.

Anyway, I envy them all for being there, I would go if it didn’t cost an arm and a leg to get there :stuck_out_tongue:


Agreed, Janos had a lot more variety in his tricks.

Takeshi is too good…


yea paul did great he should have taken chris’s spot he had some crazy horizontal combos


Takeshi absolutely wiped the floor in 5a. Tyler stood no chance.

Seriously. Takeshi got a 95.1

Tyler got a 73.0

Not even a chance.


That is exactly what I thought before I saw the results


Shu takada should of won 2A. He was doing what he loved to do and was having fun doing in. And that showed


totally i think he did way better


Paul Kerbel shoulda won 1A. It was insane!


Takeshi is a powerhouse. He won’t not win until he stops competing.

I’m really happy with the 1A results. Janos is years ahead of the competition, and the title was well deserved. Luis also had an amazing freestyle. Eric Tranton’s too… absolutely sick. Really great competition this year.

Am I the only one who thinks that Paul Kerbel should have placed where he did though? It was a good freestyle, but you can’t just win off of horizontals, starting off with a flip, and the few regular tricks he did. I don’t think his tricks were as good as they needed to be in this freestyle to really place any higher than he did. Don’t attack me over this, just my opinion.