This is AMAZING!!!

Is he with YYF now?

I watched that live in my theater (82" screen) and I was yelling because Jake just killed it. My wife wanted to know what all the noise was about! I still think Ben Conde deserved a place in the top 3…

I just used my computer for the live video stream. Personal theater sounds dope! Ben Conde was Amazing. His freestyle was my second favorite, just behind Rojas’ 1A which was definitely worthy of a Top 10 spot.

Best 5A freestyle I have ever seen.

It’s amazing to see how much he’s improved in just two years. I can’t imagine how much work it was.

WOW. :o
His performance was next-level for sure.

It was a good performance for sure. But I definitely don’t think it was next level or mind blowing.

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I agree, the person who was truly mind blowing imo was Hajime Miura… again. He won by 20 Points!!!

yeah that was unbelievable.

Dont think he’s wth YYF, but I know he really liked that yo-yo bc it made his tricks so much easier to land on account of it’s wideness.

He woke up very early (around 6am) every day to practice till around 3pm. He worked VERY hard for this.

Winning worlds by any margin is unbelievable…

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Mad respect. I just can’t imagine training that hard for so long. I am used to training hard. But the areas which I train in yield progress that is easy to see. With yoyo, So much of it is subjective and so the idea of training hard seems foreign to me. I’m explaining this terribly, I know, but hopefully you know what I mean. Congrats regardless.

Now I wonder where Takeshi gets the time to practice both his high placing freestyles. I mean he had to prepare for his college entrance test (if he is going to college) right? Where does he get the time??

I think Takeshi is just really good. Plot twist: He has never practiced a freestyle ever. He makes it up as he goes along. :o

Worlds is just a practice session to create new tricks.

:smiley: Then what is he practicing for?

Ummm… Milky Way regionals duhhhh! Isn’t it obvious!

Haha good one. Seriously though, the Japanese education system is very stressful and busy so how come some of the best players are young Japanese players. School starts at 7 and ends around 3 then cram is 4-6 or 7 an in high school it could go till 8 or 9. But then again they are all very talented and hard working, or at least the people I know are.

Oh, yeah, right.

He won by .03 of a point!!! His freestyle was the best I have ever seen. I have been following him since last year worlds. AMAZING!!