Jensen Kimmitt Worlds

That never gets old

Timeless 8)

Mean while 53rd worlds prelims

It’s interesting to see how his tricks have changed over five years.


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I think it’s more that he doesn’t take it seriously. Which isn’t a bad thing, a yoyo is a toy after all… He seems to be having a lot more fun! Which is how it should be

Well if he is having fun thats good for him, if thats what he wants. I have the attitude of a Contest Oriented player

Guarantee you there are Japanese players out there just playing for the fun of it, too. Let’s not typecast/stereotype.


Most ignorant post of the year.

His tricks are wayyy more intricate and difficult which is why he doesn’t do as well at contests anymore. They’re not only harder to hit but also they’re just don’t score as well. He’s always taken yo-yoing just about as seriously throughout his entire yo-yo career. In his world’s 2010 freestyle, he binds for like 45 seconds of the freestyle. If he was more “serious” about it he wouldn’t have screwed around like that. His style then just scored a little better. I really doubt that he was selling out to the scoring system. If you look at his 2011 world’s freestyle his tricks are far more artistic (and, by the way, making yo-yoing artistic is far more difficult than scoring well using a style that is not your own) and still scored great.

I think that he is far better now than he was then.

I don’t know about better now, just different. The play styles are so much different that they are impossible to compare.

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He looks pretty down these days; I think something happened between 2010 worlds and now.

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Something most definitely happened. You can look it up if you want, not too hard to find.

I found that people had high expectations of him and wanted him to be the next Hiroyuki Suzuki, but he just wanted to explore life and things other than yoyoing. Sorry for being so judgemental

I know :stuck_out_tongue: Didn’t wanna explicitly say anything personal though.