Re-Inventing Your Style?

Has anybody else ever done this? I’ve been stuck with the same style of tricks for so long. I seriously feel like learning all new tricks and basically an all new style of 1A. I’d rather be able to fluently do the modern contest-style 1A, but honestly have no idea where I can learn those kinds of tricks because I’ve never seen any tutorials. I’m aware that everyone has their own style in contests and in general, but as opposed the slow, somewhat-tech, way too many green triangles, style I’ve been stuck with I’d rather be able to learn something more modern and fluent. Has anyone else ever done this? I think it would be for the best if I want to improve. Maybe I’m just in a bad slump with tricks.

My advice… is to watch tons of yoyo vids, and get inspired ^^

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Go for it! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice! That’s what I’m going to do, I feel like I can do it for sure if I apply myself for once.

If you figure it out can you let me know how you did it? I feel the same way… I do way too many GTs…Used to love them now i hate them. Also the yoyo community kind of made them a way to end a trick so i feel weird using it in the middle of one.

Me my idea is to make up my own or get into a new style

This is a good topic discussion when it comes to competitive yoyoers out there.

There is no true tell way on “how” to re-invent your personal style of throwing.

To name a player that did this though was Gentry Stein who took upon it himself to try achieve a perfect blend of stylistic flash, technical and flowing components all while trying to make it blend.

Re-inventing something is a really big task at hand. You have to inspect your current style, chose to figure out what you want to keep versus what you want to change. This is obviously self-analysis. Then you have to figure out what you want to put back into it…for example: a more simple flowing style or a edgy technical style. Then the important thing: Actually doing it.

This will take some time because you have to evolve past what you were to what you want to be. Forcing a style change is ugly and will cause nothing but complications.

Just go with it and try your best.


I find this like… a sketch artist changing their style. That means they are probably adding elements that they do not know…so they are teaching themselves things as they draw… probably making it not as clean as what they already know. It may be different but not better.

I think its possible. Look at Jensens two freestyles between 1 year. Similar yes but still very different… I know he has a style. Hops… small close but technical… still though they were different… Maybe a pro could explain that better?

I am a pro, I’m Zammy of Onedrop…

Jensens wotld freestyle is not a good comparison since his 2011 performance was a throw out, he was not going in to win it thus now showing his actual potential/style changes. He however kept his same flow style but changed a tiny bit of hos element use. This is why I said of Gentry whose worlds performance this year for 2012 was a lot different then last years because he was trying to be able to get more technical.

I said it obvious for how a person should change their style. Experimentation and self awareness is key for it.

I am a yoyoer. dcs937 of yoyoing for fun and creativity.

Ok? Well, its a different style… More fluid etc. Ok so to you your a “pro”. I was looking for one to explain his change. Yea to you your a great yoyoer and I would agree. You also you call your own tricks “the best around” i.e. that neck wrap thing. Not hating, I probably agree from what I have seen. but cmon I think you have to be at least close to on his level to really know what he did to get to that different style for WORLDS still placing top TEN. Your a real individual with mobius sp? 2011 was different. When he did it… everyone said it. Never said he throws like that all the time now (if he does) but he decided to leave the community with a “different style freestyle”.

I feel like you didnt even read my entire previous post.
I talked about what I related too… which is Jensen one of the biggest influences of yoyo. Your did yours.

you said he didnt go in to show his changes or to win it.

My stance: He obviously wanted to show a good performance HE was proud of. No he didn’t go in to get first. Something to walk away proud though right? Jensen the PRO had like what one or two other fully public performances between the two which I think show transition. Cali State and lil scrapped fetus crew I saw some changes. If you decided to change your style from more point scoring to what ever amazing stuff he did after that its still a change… probably with plenty of experimentation and “self-analysis” in my opinion.

I dont think your the same type of “pro”…1a… to really say… You have like one of the biggest individual style of the yoyo community now.
His 2010 attack at worlds was probably point scoring: to win.
2011: Walk away from the community with something amazing he could be proud of…something VERY different from the first.
I would believe that performance took experimentation and self what not you said.

First of all, Zammy, you are awesome, even more so really, in yoyo and in who you are as a person, beyond words; you will definitely go down in history as one of the greatest(in every sense of the word and how it pertains to yoyo) yoyoers of all time. Mad props sir. Respect.

Ok now… I feel this needs a little clearity.

Jensen’s 2011 WYYC performance. He did it all in one throw. Meaning, he used regenerations to keep the yoyo going instead of catching the yoyo and throwing it again. He performed very fluidly, slow, to the music. This was an artistic performance. A personal performance. He showed us what he feels yoyoing should be. The WYYC is judged by, for the most part, string hits. He obviously wasn’t trying to win. He also cut his performance short. On purpose. What he did had an underlying message. I, for one, get it.

p.s. - I miss Jensen too. I have so much respect for him, and what he has done for yoyo. I am so thankful for what he has given us. Lets respect him and his descision to take a break from yoyo, the publicity, whatever. It is his decision. Let’s be thankful for what he has given us. He gave us a “spark,” and that’s all we need, the journey is ours now. As it should be. Let’s show the man the respect he deserves, and give him the peace that he wants, for whatever the reason. And in turn, giving our own yoyoing the respect and personal attention that it deserves.


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Jensen’s 2011 WYYC performance was in the wrong category. Yes, he definitely wasn’t in it to win it, but rather chose to use his seed to ensure he “had a voice” and made a very poweful, yet beautiful statement of a performance perfectly choreographed to music. Sport? Maybe. Competitive? Perhaps. Art? No doubt about it.

It is true, it was cut short. This reminds me when an instructor places demands on a paper to be of a certain length. I don’t look at it as a challenge to hit those page numbers or word counts. I do see those kind of numbers as an inconvenience if I’m under the requirements. Yes, I type a lot, but I am also BRIEF and to the point, while at the same time being thorough. I don’t pad things unless I have to.

That’s right. I don’t pad things unless I have to.

Wait, I just padded things.

I did it again.

Crap. I see where this is going…

BZZZZZZT. Ah, electro-shock therapy, my friend. Either that or I just stepped on a frayed AC cable. I should probably look into that either way.

My point was that Jensen felt he’d made the statement he needed to make with the time he chose to use.

Onto me. I’m still pretty much a noob in many aspects. Only 15 months in and progressing very slowly. I have no style unless you consider playing crappy to be a style, in which case I’m the BOSS!!! I have no concerns or care about intentionally developing a style. I’m sure something will evolve. I guess I’m sort of jealous over those who can and do not only intentionally develop a “style”, but then can alter, change or completely re-invent their style. I guess we’re not going to be doing a “valley girl/club kid” to “pointy cone bra” Madonna type re-inventions, but hey, who knows. If I see someone wearing a pointy cone bra on their artistic freestyle, I’m gonna have to have words with ya, is all I’m sayin’!

I pad things myself… The previous post is a perfect example… I think Zammy is a great yoyoer from the videos I have seen so I don’t want that mixed up. I guess I take back my opinion that a Pro could explain it better because I do actually believe that I understand it myself and I am no “Pro”.

Side note (may make this a thread): What makes a pro? Sponsorship, skill…popularity wether its good or bad? Placing in contests? I really don’t know but I feel like you just vibe it out and most people make their own opinions and if the majority consider that person a Pro then they are declared one by the community… over time… I think placing high in famous contests gaining popularity effects the persons pro “standing” or reputation the most.

So what I think I understand is:

I think Jensen thought to himself in creating the 2010 performance:
“How can I get the most points and impress the judges?”

in 2011:
“How can I make a freestyle so clean, fluid…creative… AMAZING. not care about the judges opinion…” more his own self and his fans…community… You get the point.

I am not Jensen. This is my best educated guess. I personally loved 09,10, and 11 Worlds freestyles.

What I tend to do is I watch people’s freestyles such as Anthony Rojas, Zach Gormley, Isaac Sams, Gentry Stein, Ivan Maslin, Patrick Canny, Ahmad Kharisma, etc. and try their tricks. I mess them up and go from there. Especially watch the InnMovement videos on Youtube.