two questions

my first one, how long does string last for you. the first three strings i had, the ones that came from my dm and yomega fireball, and one my friend gave me, lasted 3 days each. i bought some yoyonation string highlights, and its the third day and hasnet broken…yet. so how long does it last for you guys, is thier a way to tell when it is breaking? (btw i broke mine twice along the finger loop and once on the loop around the yoyo loop) if they break to soon am i doing something wrong? that is question one

question two should be easier to answer. so i was looking at yoyof yoyos, and some have a k pad response…WHAT IS THAT? is that like a sticker? do you need to replace it? what is it comparable to? how good is it?

no third question, what say you?

How long a string lasts depends on how much you play, and what string you’re using.

Some people get a week’s use from one Highlight. Some people only get about half an hour.

Want string that lasts seemingly forever? Try Chaos or Alchemy.

When it’s fuzzy and no longer “bouncy” it’s time for a change. Always pay close attention to the places on the string where it meets your finger and the bearing. If it looks even a little worn at either one of these ends, change it out.

K-Pads are a sticker-like response system, yes. You’ll need to change them once in a great while. They provide a far better response than other options, including flowable silicone, IMHO.

i usually go through a SSE gstring once a day, i dont really wait until the string is about to snap as i like the feeling of a brand new string so i just change it when it starts to feel yucky, this is why i dont like alchemy or angel hair string.

Well Highlights last about 1 day for me and I would change when it’s really frayed. If it looses its bounce it doesn’t mean its going to break. A string that lasts forever for me is Perfect fit string, it’s been a week and its still going pretty good. You can PM Jeromy K. if you want some, they’re $3.00 for 10 strings and $3.75 for glow in the dark.

I hate worn strings, and I play A LOT.

I go through 3-6 50/50 strings on a normal day.

Refer to Doc for the rest ;D

My string gets really, hmm, slow (?) when it’s humid. Kinda gives it a stciky feel. But I walways change my string once a day. I have tried playing with my string for a more than 2 days.

Addment: I have scratches in my yoyo.

i guess i havent played enough to notice the differnece between a worn string a new string, it plays the same to me…so when it gets frizzy its about to snap then?

Honestly, your string shouldn’t snap. If it does you are WAY overplaying it.

I agree with Evan.

Also, I’m gonna once again recommend Perfect Fit String. After about a week and a half of play, I finally replaced one yesterday :slight_smile:

By the way, on normal 50/50’s or 100% Polys, I use 1 a day.

      I have played many strings,such as highlights,kitty,perfect fit,YYN strings,YYE strings,and my own element strings,I love elements,and kitty too.

      The k-pad response is a sticker,it is siliconed I believe,they will require changing,but they last a while,its my favorite response too.

where could i get perfect fit string, and also, whats the differnce between those and empire string(heard they were good too)?

Just give Jeromy a PM.


OK here is my method to know when to change your string.1) When it starts to git a dingy color to it.2) When the string loses its elasticity. New yoyo strings have a bit of elastic to them making them stretch just a bit. After a wile of throwing them they lose this quality. Try pulling on a new string than pull on the old string, feel the difference?3) If your string starts to fray its time to change it. Just remember C.E.F. Color, Elasticity, and Fray.

Perfect fit and empire strings are made by different people.Later.

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