Hey guys! Any of you have Twitter accounts,my followers are kinda low. Put your username, and I’ll follow you back!




You all are followed by me

I never use mine.

Like ever.



I talk about yoyo string, like ALL the time…not.
…you’ve all been warned…kinda.



you edge, bro?

can’t tell if sarcastic or not
no that’s just what i came up as a name honestly
ideally i am straightedge though haha

Used to… Didn’t use it, thought it was pointless.

oh haha no im not being sarcastic. thats cool though.

It is pointless.

i just really don’t rep it like a lot of people do :stuck_out_tongue: i just am straightedge and don’t really care haha.

but about twitter being pointless. do you use facebook?

ah yeah i understand. i do have a twitter and a facebook.

they are not pointless. it’s easy to keep up with whats going on with the world. and keep in touch with family and friends. they’re more useful than this forum.


I don’t tweet about a lot of yoyo stuff but you can follow me anyway, I follow back :slight_smile:

C’mon guys its all about Facebook, git wit tha system

Facebook: status: “walking Mai dog”
Twitter: tweet: “walkin’ my dog #ilovepuppies

Woah, you gotta point, they are so resoursful, if I need to know what my friend is up to, it’s right there. Personally I find Facebook better than twitter, because I hate that “#insertdumbstuffhere”.

#umadbro :wink: