Twirling side bind Andre does in the McBride Rollercoaster trick video

The video is here:

What is the bind that he does from the Trapeze? It’s not mentioned in any of the other videos and it looks really cool - from the trapeze he twirls it around to bind. He does it a couple times in the video but it’s anecdotal and too quick to really replicate. Is there a name for this or is this just something he came up with? If anyone could give me a name / explanation that would be great!

I have been wondering that to

he is binding from a trapeze but he rolls the yoyo and then wraps the string around the yoyo an extra time before he binds it so basicaly he is binding from a trapeze that he double wrapped

The bind he does is actually a terrible bind. Don’t get into the habit of doing it as it will hinder your play. By wrapping twice around the axle from a trapeze, when you go to throw down again, there is a very high chance that the string will snag and the yoyo will come back up before it reaches the end of the string. its fine to learn it, but don’t make a habit of using that bind.

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It works better on hybrid response yoyos. Speed Maker is one of the few I have seen. But you can still do it with a both side silicone response. It is not a great bind to do.

Do it for front style though, it works fine

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I wouldn’t do it there, either. :wink: The spin direction would already be fine for bind in frontstyle and the extra wrap would make a “tail” for sure. Even worse than for sidestyle. You could do a little front-style Oliver Twist for flair and then bind, but you wouldn’t want to actually add another wrap.

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Okay, what you do is you land a trapeze (obviously), then you roll to inside of your arms without letting the yoyo double-over, then you continue the momentum and start to double-over but let go before it is completely rolled back on. The idea is that you do this on the way out, that way the yoyo snags and returns to your hand.

In my opinion, it works and looks decently cool, but it doesn’t really work quite like you might think it does. It doesn’t bind right. It has a little loop that is not wound up thus creating a slight snag on your next throw which slows your sleeper down.

I remember seeing alot of people do binds like this when i first started (02) i.e. binding with the direction of the yoyo instead of against it. always thought it was a terrible idea and gave no shortage of snags.

then over the years it slowly shifted to the much cleaner way we all do em today

It works well from a frontstyle bind. I do it myself from time to time without any problem, and Vashek Kroutil does it pretty much all the time, and it doesn’t seem to hinder him either.

Just watch the beginning of that video. He does tonnes of them without snags or any problem.

That being said, it’s a foolish idea as a sidestyle bind. That’s just asking for a breakaway-to-the-face-snag.

I don’t think he’s adding an extra wrap. Pretty sure what he’s doing there is like a frontstyle Oliver Twist. The end result of the extra revolution on an Oliver Twist is that your string is the same as it was before. So it’s just a flourish, not an extra wrap.

I just tried doing it as an extra wrap on two different yoyos, and it snarled up handily before I could even release the loop. Several attempts failed and none succeeded. Even as an Oliver Twist, I was ending up with a “tail” that was too long, but that’s just a matter of practice.

It’s also possible that he prefers to go in with extra-unresponsive yoyos. I’d have to ask him. :wink:

Agreed, it’s just a flourish-ier way to do a regular frontstyle bind. I really don’t understand why he would bind that way at all, since it only really works as a frontstyle bind and he is perfectly adept at regular sidestyle binds. I guess it’s just his thing…

D’oh, failed by pronouns. I think Andre (and his contemporaries! pretty sure it was a common bind) is adding an extra wrap in order to create the friction needed to do it as a sidestyle bind. Vasek, however, is not adding an extra wrap, only a flourish. Which is why it works in the frontstyle bind.

Ah, I get ya. Yes, Vasheks is simply a flourishy frontstyle bind.

I can’t see where Andre adds the extra wrap though. I’ve watched it again and again and I just can’t seem to see the act itself.