What Bind is This?

(Erik) #1

In the McBride Roller Coaster Video, Andre does a bind at 1:04 into the tutorial. I just can’t figure out what he is doing…does anyone recognize it or can you help me figure it out? I watched it a bunch of times, but just can’t see what is happening.


(Raphael) #2

he does a trapeze and then swings the string around the yoyo again, and pulls and it comes back to him, Andre shows you how to do in “bind returns” it is a fairly simple move hope this helps
happy yoing!!!


It’s called a Rolling Bind.

(Erik) #4





You can also see it here:


(SteveYoYos (Steven)) #7

It’s called a ROlling Bind

The Rolling Bind in this video is around 1:45