Bind in this tut help

Can someone make a slow motion tutorial on how the binds are performed in skin the gerbil tutorial here on yye at aprox 0:20 and 0:26?

I’ve been prgressing rather well as far as controll and advancing with tricks over the past month but my binds are still noob looking so need to figure this out as it is extremely smooth compared to how I end skin the gerbil and other similar dismounting tricks.


The bind Andre uses most of the time in those videos is smooth-LOOKING, but not actually super reliable. It’s called the “Rolling Bind”, and I know there are tutorials for it. But after that bind, you often need to clear the snag.

If you’re not already doing this, it’s the standard sidestyle bind:

A relatively easy one if you understand how to keep the momentum going in order to swing the yoyo up into the air is this one:


Thanks. Yea I’d prefer to move right along as I’ve noticed him cleaning out the binds quite often before throwing again many times. It does look nice though.

I do the one in the second vid without popping it up in the air now so that shouldn’t take too much practice. Thanks! Looks better than crossing hand to return it for sure.