how does andre bind his yoyo

i already know how to bind its just that my bind returns look sloppy and nonoriginal but andres looks really really cool help please need to know how he does it ???

just watch his videos and try to do what he does.
Also you could watch some videos on youtube on binding, or on highspeed yoyo.

I’m sure Andre put in countless hours on his bind to make it look that good, smooth and effortless. So, I suggest practice, practice and more practice. Don’t worry about stuff like non-original or sloppy. Non-original should be a non-concern. Sloppy will be fixed through practice. I can bind. I work on it daily. Some days are good, some days are bad. Some binds are good, some are bad. Practice is helping a lot. I’d rather have a good bind than an original bind.

Regarding how Andre binds: Well, of course, practice played a big role in it. I do have to say this though, the tutorial video here didn’t work well for me. It just wasn’t broken down the right way for me to relate to it. Also, the highspeedyoyo video wasn’t really a tutorial but the extreme high speed does help you slow it down and SEE what is going on. While it didn’t help me much, it did help me a bit. It helped me understand the mechanics of binding. I’m one of those people who want to know why it works.

I echo dynikus. Hit YouTube, there’s plenty of videos on binding. Watch them all. Find the one that works the best for you, watch it a lot and practice a lot. I’ve downloaded a ton of YouTube videos from various tutorial sites(including the ones here) so I can practice on my terms rather than when my internet wants to cooperate. But the biggest key is practice. If you’re not getting it, hit the forum and ask for more help, or go to the chat room and get help.

Practice, gain confidence, progress and have fun. It can’t get any better than that!

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smoothness is key. Try not to move your arms as much and make it look as natural and comfortable as possible. Something you need to keep in mind is that you don’t become andre boulay over night. You need countless hours of practicing and just have fun with it. :slight_smile:

thats the only thing i dont like about andres tuts if when he breaks them down there are still to fast

Binding just takes a lot of practice to get smooth. I’ve done it for a whole year to get it smooth.

The so called andre bind, is just a bind, a different way of bind done smooth. There are many binds, go search em’ up or learn from others.

Do you mean his side style bind? Because if you do, it’s like the first part of Skin the Gerbil. I use to do bind side style that way: but just beware you get knots a lot if you do it that way…

are you talking about the cool way he binds where he swings everything in a circle and shoots it out? well he does whats called and oliver twist- a tutorial is found here. at the end of the rotation of oliver twist he just throws the yoyo out and it comes back. its pretty simple but i do get snags sometimes

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stupid question alert! :slight_smile: that is a responsive yoyo though right? How does he do that swing and end it with a bind?

After further practice it does indeed seem like it was a stupid question haha. If I’m doing it right that turn is what helps create the bind and when you drop it the bind catches? Is that right? I have not got it perfect yet but after a few throws that seems to be the concept…if I am doing it right i think… lol

His yoyo is unresponsive. But because of the small gap, the response system us very grippy. So when there is some string friction with the yoyo, it’ll bind. But with a normal gapped yoyo, it wont bind like that.