how do you do the rolling bind?

Hi, in Andrés videos he does a really cool looking bind all the time, by the title you probably know what it is but I have absolutely no idea what it is he’s doing! It looks really cool and want to learn it so can you help me? Thanks again guys

If I know what you’re talking about, all he’s doing is this and then pulling the loop in the gap to bind.

It’s a garbage bind that works terribly. Snags and leaves tons of slack. Just say no.

I’ve tried and had issues. As Nathan has mentioned, it’s an oliver twist and pull. But as you see during his tutorials he also has those snags where he has to throw it a couple times to get it all the way down the string again.

Other players will pop the yoyo out of a trapeze, catch the string on their middle finger and carry straight into a bind which can be similar looking to the whole oliver twist thing depending on how they it.

As the others said its an olivertwist and then throwthestring into the gap… This was the bind I used whenI first started binding cuz i couldnt get a consistent backspin bind and when i do get it it always got me a knot that jammed the yoyo… So I just started doing Andres bind for a good month or so… When I did it back then it snagged, but never jammed the yoyo but for aomereason the other binds did… I did this bind a lot but still can only get a clean bind out of that a little over half the time… When i got more advanced i learned that bind was inadequate and really started working on the backspin bind… Andres bind is fun to do but it will get snags yes… If your still unsureof how its done I can make a tut sometime tomorrow :slight_smile: its fun to mess around with but iwouldnt rely on it

Btw, his bind and the rolling bind are 2 different binds…