Sidestyle bind

I noticed André uses a nice bind when he does a sidestyle trick. He flips around his yoyo like some kind of backward roll.

So I tried to do this and I think I do the right motion, but when it binds there is too much string left en it gets tangled up…

Is there any tutorial for this bind or does anyone have some tips?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Its an inconsistent bind, that’s why it gets tangled up a lot when you try to do it. You’ll notice a lot of times andre has to rethrow a few times to get a knot out after a bind.

All it is is an oliver twist, pinch the string, and thread it into the yoyo. But since the yoyo is spinning in the opposite direction it’s not consistent and isnt nearly as reliable as a backspin bind.

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are you talking about the bind that starts in trapeze? If so, I would suggest not learning it. Because he is using a dark magic there and it isn’t really a conventional bind.

Such an awful bind. Seriously no idea why he uses it so much. He spends half of every tutorial getting out axle knots from that bind. If you want to learn interesting binds just search YT for some of those vids that show like 20 binds. Way better ones than that.

When you do that bind successfully it requires a one gravity pull to get the string back the way it should be. But really it’s a pretty bad bind for a front throw and a breakaway.

Oh okay… :smiley:

I thought it looked pretty cool, but if it is that bad I’ll go learn another one. :slight_smile:

Thanks :wink: