Twin Dragons Trick Tut :D

My first tut. Still trying to improve quality.

This was made while testing out a trial of Sony Vegas. Probably going to buy :smiley:


For best results, increase to 480p.

Yoyo used: CLYW Blue Acid/Brown Speckle Sasquatch (BEST DARN YOYO EVAR!!!)

No comments? I’d like to know what to change to my tuts :stuck_out_tongue:

Fixed some things

I’d move the camera closer to the action and edit out unnecessary binding and camera-tending :wink:

I can’t move it any closer ATM, but thanks for the advice :slight_smile: I just uploaded my “And Whut” tut, and I edited out all but 1 throw and 2 binds, because they were actually parts.