Nice video.

Great tricks, great quality. The only thing I would like to recommend for you to do next time is: back up a little bit so you get a headshot and so you can get the whole tricks. I noticed that some of the tricks had been cut off when you went up or down.

Yea, my camera was against the wall, so that was the only good angle I could get.

Thank you though!

The framing wasn’t bad. Got to see your face sometimes, got to see the important parts of the tricks 99% of the time. Too far back and you just get “wee yoyo” captured.

Really nice as always, John. I love that you are 100% about “how can I get this to flow elegantly and smoothly?” and 0% about “can I make this fast?” Your success rate for elegant smoothness is 9000.

Thanks! I try my best.