clyw yoyo contest please leave advice and comments, hope i win etc…

I thought the yoyoing was really good, but you look tense loosen up have fun. And I like the whole passing the yoyo through each frame good job.

the only reason i looked tense some of the time was because a few of those tricks took me a tons of times to land those tricks


yea it was a cool way to move through he tricks

loved the whole thing, especially the frames, and the knot trick :smiley:

amazing. you might end up winning.

i hope so prize is one of a kind bassolope

I thought it was cool, but I think the camera needs to be closer on the action. And don’t be afraid to do multiple angles. You’re tricks were awesome but I want to see everything thats happening. Massive coverage is key, and get angles you might not think you’ll use, sometimes they turn out super-special-awesome. XP

And smile will ya?! ;D

Loved it! :smiley: