New Yoyo Trick Tut! Vanilla Waters!


I haven’t made one in a while, and did promise 3 including this one. So here it is!

Learn, rate, and subscribe!!  :smiley:


(Infinite Chaos) #2

Pretty cool trick, nice turorial. The only suggestion I would make is tha you move your camera back a bit so that we can always see what the yoyo is doing (ie, couldn’t see the first move of the entire trick on the run through). Other than that great vid, definitaly going to go try this! :slight_smile:

(Kei) #3

Amazing as usual Manny! Good job! ;D
Gonna learn that trick now!

(laxdude99) #4

Really nice trick thanks dude

(DOGS) #5

I enjoy the slack bit at the very end.

(Kyle V.) #6

Cool trick, and nice job on the tut! I like the bind at the end, it’s very unusual and sort of flashy.


very nice. that tut made heaps of sense. thanks for teaching us the trick


Great tutorial I could follow every step ;D