Gyro Pop

(Shisaki) #1

Hey guys, here’s a trick I made up a while ago but finally filmed. Please subscribe, rate, and comment!


very cool
i would love to see tutorial of this trick


sweetness ;D


All I can say is wow.
That’s a great trick Mr. Future John Ando


Oh my gosh! That was sick! Please make a tut!

(Shisaki) #6

Thanks for your comments guys! I’ll think about the tut ;).

(Jei Cheetah) #7

Woah, I sure was doing it wrong from how you described it in the chat.
WAY different.


(Shisaki) #8

Well, I added the part in the beggining to the part after the slack :).


awsome, that’s a awsome trick


Tut is requested. Upload to the yoyoexpert youtube channel!

(Shisaki) #11

You gotta realize that even if I do decide to do a tut Samad, Jeremy, or whoever’s in charge has to accept me haha ;).


And why would they not?

(Shisaki) #13

Well…I dunno :P. Maybe I’ll ask?