My contribution:

I felt I should do something more for yoyoexpert, so I decided to make tutorials. As you may know, I have made several tutorials, and I have many i still need to upload. Anyway, the reason I made then is to help those of you to learn tricks just like André’s videos. This is in no way to replace André’s tutorials, but to simply give you another view - The Expert (André) and the Learner’s (Mine) So this way, if you are still having trouble with a trick, you can come here. I also take requests, so if you want to see a tutorial, I can make it. However, if its a trick I don’t know, it may not be up if I don’t learn it. Also, if I say I will make a tutorial, it doesnt mean it will be up right away. And as a last note, all of Advanced Part 1 will be replaced sometime next week:
(Also, I believe AKan3a will do the same think soon as well…but you guys know mine is better ;D)

Advanced Part One (To be replaced)

The Matrix:
The Zipper:
McBride’s RollerCoaster:
Eli Hops:
Buddha’s Revenge:
The Basic Green Triangle:
Kwijibo Part 1:
Kwijibo Part 2:
Advanced Part 2:

Coming later!

i already talked to you about this samad, i will help you with the other yoyoing styles

Thats great your doing this for YoYoExpert. Do a tutorial on Soiled Panties!


you might have to wait a while, because i would do it for you but samad called doing this trick and he still has to learn it

Well, I have been doing tutorials longer then you AKan3a, and I posted this first, so shouldn’t I get to do it first before you use my idea as well?

yeah yeah yeah, we already discussed this dude, you can do 1A and i will do everything else, ill do 4A and 5A first then i will do 2A and 3A but first i need to get a camera haha

Bump for advanced part 1!

I appreciate your videos Samad. The more the merrier! It shows you have taken the time to invest in this hobby, and that you really care about helping others advance. I think you should do a video for Spirit Bomb. This trick took me such a long time to learn, and even though I have it down now, I probably could have gotten it faster with additional learning videos. Thanks for posting these. You are doing many people a huge favor. When I first started yoyoing in 2007, it was really difficult finding videos that were explanatory and easy to follow. Andre’s videos have guided me immensely, and I have taken more than a few looks at your videos to get additional instruction as well. Keep up the great work!

Completely off-topic, but that’s an interesting avatar you’ve got there, MoggFanatic. Now that I think about it, your name is interesting, too.

M:tG much? :wink:

lol when i click the link it says it doesnt exist?

also off topic: I love M:tG. so many days Ive sunk into such a wonderful card game

Also advanced part 2 is already up on samad’s youtube. They just aren’t listed yet

Thats really cool! I do simalar tutorials- currently just basic tricks- at