New 1A tutorials?


How 'bout some new 1A tutorials in LEARN section?

Happy Throwing! =]


Thats probably not gonna happen in André’s section as he made those tutorials in '07, so I doubt hes gonna make more. However, take a look at Xdohl’s awesome guide!,1603.0.html


What do you want a tutorial for? I may be able to help you out.


I don’t think he wants a specific tutorial, but a new library of tricks to learn from ;D So he can learn a random new trick whenever he wants.

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IF André could make more tutorials it would be great. But with today’s youtube and the tutorials you can find there, it is not Needed.


Hmmm, well if there is anything he needs or anybody needs for that matter I am here to help. I can whip up a good tutorial quickly and chances are there aren’t many tricks I can’t help out with.


Runnen, I will love for you to make tuts on any slack kind of tricks :slight_smile:


Will do!

Anything in particular? I have a few tricks of my own with slight slack elements but nothing with a load of slack parts if that is what you are looking for.

Whips? Tech? Lacerations?

If you don’t want to be more specific I think I have something in mind now.


Put up anything you want man. I love to learn anything new, and all the trick’s I’ve seen you do have been awesome!


Ok, ok. So one last question.

Would you like a front style trick or a side style trick.

The front style trick I have in mind is really hard. The side style is advanced as well but not quite as hard as the front style.


front style would be so cool!


Front-style…Gigidy o.O


well, i can’t make any tuts since im not good enough, but i have found some tuts others made that are not on this site. the red clover trick is out thier (i can’t do it very well, leaning cold fusion), and yoyo hugs is pretty fun and easy. can find it on vimeo by some guy that was entering a yoyoskills competition. its pretty helpful. so those are some ideas…

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Once you have completed the yoyo expert tutorials try and make some of your own moves!

Be inventive!

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