Tut for Grant Johnsons new trick PLZ!!!


Can someone help with this trick he came up with from 1:05-1:18.
oh and congrats to his new signature series and video.
(and he doesn’t use any green screen {you’ll understand when u watch})

thx before hand for the help if given

hey dude, i can try and make a tutorial of it soon, might be a couple of days or so. Depends on my schedule! =)


O.O Woah. i was hoping to get a reply , but for u to reply on this was quite a surprise!!
dude. congrats on ur new yoyo. hopefully i’ll be able to get my hands on one soon when it becomes for sale.

what yoyo

The Revolution. Duh, it’s Grant Johnson’s new signature yoyo coming out soon. It’s a big deal for Yoyojam.

Im definitely buying his new yoyo, tried it at MWR and it was awesome, I just was out of $$$ :frowning:

Can someone get a pic of this yoyo?

go to singapore yoyo blog

Yo Grant, that would be super awesome!

I’ve seen ya doing something like this on the BAC stage and thought it looks pretty flashy. I would love to try to learn that one.




Some pics and info Y’all!
(I want one too!)

Man that looks awsome. Any ideas on how much it’ll cost?

jtman562 it’s priced at $40.80 on YYE now

this vid is just so epic, i cant stop watching it :o :o :o :o :o im gonna have to buy the yo yo, just because its his Sig yo yo. :o :o

Did he ever made a tut for this trick?

the answer to ur question is.
I don’t think so.
thts the best answer i can give u to the best of my knowledge.
Considering worlds just ended a few days ago he might have time to film a tutorial for it soon

ya I would really like to learn this to…

btw- grants #1 fan!!!

I would like to know how to do the trick on 1:38- around 1:50 =1
So if any one knows how to do it can u please tell me
Andy 88 =1