help with trick

I’ve been watching this vid and was wondering if someone could make a tut for the trick at 1:40-1:46, Thanks!

here’s the link

OH! I know how. Sure, I’ll make a video. :wink:

Happy Throwing! =]

Oh, that’s an easy one. I taught it to Grant at Redondo a few weeks back. I was doing it, and he said he forgot how, lol.

I’ll try to explain it while Starscreem88 makes a video.
You take the string on your throwhand and you push it forward underneath the loop in the trapeze. Then you push it under, and a triangle should come underneath like a wrist mount. Now, you take your non-throwhand pointer, and insert it to the string coming from your throwhand. Let the loop off your throwhand off, and there you have it! Pop back to dismount.

Yeah…that probably didn’t help. :stuck_out_tongue:

no, it didnt. but thanks anyways! and thats got to be kinda weird seeing your trick performed by one of the most popular youtube yoyoers! are u mad that u didnt get credit or happy that its being seen?

lol, it wasn’t like that. See, I learned the trick from that video. Then, at Redondo, I was teaching it to Paolo, cause I said, this is a Grant Johnson trick. Grant heard us, and he asked me which one? So I showed it to him, and he said he forgot how to do it, so I taught it to him.


I’m making a video as well, I’ll post it in this thread once I’m done.

Might not be loaded in the first few minutes, wait a bit.

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Sorry I kept you waiting, I had to help my mom at work. Here is the video:

Front View:

Side View:

Hope this helps.

Happy Throwing! =]

PS: Sorry, I don’t have a software, I will get it soon.

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i got it!!! thankyou sooooooo much that trick is soooooo cool ;D ;D ;D ;D;D ;D ;D ;D;D ;D ;D ;D;D ;D ;D ;D;D ;D ;D ;D;D ;D ;D ;D;D ;D ;D ;D;D ;D ;D ;D;D ;D ;D ;D;D ;D ;D ;D;D ;D ;D ;D;D ;D ;D ;D;D ;D ;D ;D;D ;D ;D ;D;D ;D ;D ;D;D ;D ;D ;D;D ;D ;D ;D;D ;D ;D ;D;D ;D ;D ;D;D ;D ;D ;D;D ;D ;D ;D;D ;D ;D ;D;D ;D ;D ;D;D ;D ;D ;D;D ;D ;D ;D;D ;D ;D ;D;D ;D ;D ;D;D ;D ;D ;D;D ;D ;D ;D;D ;D ;D ;D;D ;D ;D ;D;D ;D ;D ;D;D ;D ;D ;D;D ;D ;D ;D;D ;D ;D ;D;D ;D ;D ;D;D ;D ;D ;D;D ;D ;D ;D;D ;D ;D ;D;D ;D ;D ;D;D ;D ;D ;D;D ;D ;D ;D;D ;D ;D ;D;D ;D ;D ;D;D ;D ;D ;D;D ;D ;D ;D;D ;D ;D ;D;D ;D ;D ;D;D ;D ;D ;D;D ;D ;D ;D;D ;D ;D ;D;D ;D ;D ;D;D ;D ;D ;D

Great, but please don’t spam the screen like that. Thanks.

ok sorrey ;D ;D ;D oh wait! im not supposed to do that :wink: