tutorial distribution

Hey! I’ve been a fan of this site for quite a while for its vast array of 1A tutorials and the support of the fourm. however, now that i wish to begin playing 4a, I am noticing that the videos are lacking. It would be helpfull if a little more time was put into the sections other than 1a. I can tell that, one, 1A is andre’s main style, which is why this site has so many of them and, two, that Andre is a busy guy and has a life that consists of more than making yoyo tutorials (although he has made quite a few). So What i am suggesting is that the site could accept tutorial videos from other qualified candidates. I am quite sure their are plenty of people capable of making a good tutorial video, and i’m positive that lots of people would jump at the opertunity to make a video. so what the site could do is make a list of not just offstring, but counterweight and looping yoyo tricks that are needed, and then ask the users to submit themselves teaching the tricks. then the fourm members can either vote on the best tutorials, or the higher athority can pick. Eventually, this could lead to a steady stream of new trick from the players themselves. The only problem i can think of that could arise is that tricks could be submitted multipule times with different names, or slightly different ways of teaching, so careful monitering of the videos will be required.

so, after explaining my plan, what do you, the peroson reading this, think?

This has been requested many times ;D There should be another forum board for ONLY Tutorials and that would be nice ;D
I don’t think there can be sections on the website itself, because andre is a busy guy, and he would have to review each and every video for quality, profanity etc.
But a new forum board would be nice ;D

I suggest looking here for a vast variety of tricks: http://www.yoyoskills.com/?cat=6