tut tut tut


Currently learning it. Thanks Owen!

pretty cool, gonna try it

Awesome sauce! Haha its pretty sweet that my trick is gonna be tried in Germany :stuck_out_tongue:

having a hard time with the dismount… not sure if i dont get it, or i have a mistake somewhere in the middle… the “TH over the front of everything” could you explain that again?^^ when i drop the NTH thumb in, it just leaves me with something like a GT but the string is wrapped around 3 times instead of once… no way to dismount from there… and wrapping my TH around just makes it worse^^ not sure were my mistake is

I think I get what you’re saying, but im not quite sure. As far as im concerned, there is no point in this trick where you are ever in a knot. It’s basically just a contorted chopsticks the whole entire time, and chopsticks doesnt leave you in a knot, But lemme give a list of things to try.

So, when you bring your TH over the front of everything, your TH arm should be going around the front of the yoyo (Make sure you arent accidentally putting the string into the gap during this step) and then into it’s gap. Its a counter-clockwise direction that your arm is moving around the yoyo. Also, when you are in your GT thing (as you described it) try dropping it and seeing whether or not you are in a knot from there. If you arent in a knot, then youre on the right path. If you are, try doing the trick step-by-step with the video. Hope that helped!

yay, learned!

Finally I have been waiting for a tutorial on this awesome trick!

That looks awesome. Thanks.

So cool! I clicked thinking, “Yeah, I could finally use a picture trick. Might as well be one by Owen!”

And then it’s just so much more. Looking forward to learning this. Tomorrow. :wink: