Clyw stop n go gt

I know there is a tutorial on their website, but can someone do an in depth tutorial, I can do the stop part, but I can’t get the gt part when I do go. So if someone who knows it and can make a tutorial, please do! It is an awesome trick and I really want to learn it.

Grab the loop around your TH thumb with your NTH. Throw the yoyo down while pulling the string with your TH.

I can’t even get the stop part. :wink: I can’t tell if the extra loop around Chuck’s throwhand fingers is required or just a quirk of the way he throws.

Well when I pull in it, it lands in a trapeze, not a gt, are you supposed to wrap the string once around your TH finger and once around your TH thumb correct??

Make a counter clockwise motion with your slipknot finger, wrapping the string around it once. This allows you to get your TH thumb under it easier. Your TH thumb goes over the string and then under it where it is wrapped around your slipknot finger, and pulls the string back. The string segment connected to the yoyo should be running under the string segment between your TH thumb and slipknot finger. From the trapeze, hop the yoyo up, and with your TH palm facing you, land on to the string segment between your TH thumb and slipknot finger. Drop the yoyo while tugging it to make it respond, and catch it. Flip your TH over with your palm facing outward. There should be one loop around your TH thumb; grab it with your NTH. With your arms crossed, throw the yoyo down while pulling the string with your TH and making sure it lands on the string around your NTH that makes the GT.

Ok, well since I am left handed, I got to do everything the opposite way you said. So clockwise with my TH slipknot finger, still put the thumb over and then under the string, then hop, catch, and pull the loop around with my NTH that was on my thumb while crossing my arms, NTH arm over TH arm, right?

Yes, clockwise since you’re left handed. When the yoyo is in the “stop” position in your TH and the loop is still around your TH thumb, turn your TH with the yoyo in it over so that your palm is facing away from you. Grab the loop around your TH thumb with your NTH, releasing it from your TH thumb. Your NTH arm should be crossed over you TH arm. Throw the yoyo down into the GT from this position.

A tutorial for a tutorial. :wink: I’m finding that about most of the Cabin Tutorials… I’m probably just too beginnery to ‘grok’ them from the camera angles they use. Straight-on and then straight-down ain’t got nothin’ on 3/4! Although straight-down was definitely the way to go for the view of the hands.

Ok here you go.

~ Take your thumb and put it over the string and put it underneath it will put a small loop on your thumb. After this you want to pop the yoyo into the air crossing your arms while landing it on the string in between your thumbs. When you do this you want to make sure the extra slack goes behind the yoyo this is the key to the triangle. Pull up a little and it should shoot to your hand. Now take the loop off your thumb and put it on your NTH index finger then simply shoot your throw hand arm underneath the other one the triangle will appear. Hope this helps!

And GregP if I can get this I bet you can easily get it too :slight_smile:

What exactly do you mean by “behind the yoyo”?

Sorry it’s hard to explain you want to take that slack and make sure it goes on the far side of you then let it go, make sure it does not get in the gap or you’ll just get a normal stop an go.
I could try to film it if you guys wanted.

If it’s not too much trouble a video would be greatly appreciated. I just can’t seem to get it right. >.<

ok I’ll try to have one up by Friday !

Just the way he throws.

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