Stop and Go GT?

Hi! So I have been trying to learn stop and go gt. (On cabin tutorials). I can go all the way to when you do the “go” part. The problem is when I pull it, the yoyo is just in a crossed-arm trapeze thing. So how do you make it into a GT? Thanks in advance! :wink:


I had this issue too. Watch the way he puts his thumb under the string in his middle finger more closely. That should solve it. Since then it’s become one of my go to tricks as a crowd pleaser.

I figured that out just tonight. When you pop up make sure that the string goes to the outside of the your hands when you first pop up. You need to have the string going over the side of your right hand for it to work

I can make a head mounted video if you like

Please make one if you wouldn’t mind. I too am having some trouble with this one as well. Thanks.

Here it is.  Sound is bad but just watch my arm motions.


I have a stop and go tutorial on my YouTube channel. Way easier too!

But do you stop and go dat GT, crossed-arms style?

not cross handed but it still works. You can make it cross handed if wanted