GT Dismount!!!

How do I dismount from a GT? Video or describe in detail please. So… many… string knots…

It depends on which Gt your in, I will asume it is a basic Gt. You will have to hop the yoyo out of the back of the triangle. for other GT’s you should just expiriment. Remember knots are just a part of learning :slight_smile:

I do a GT where you do trapeze to bro but you do the bro over your arm instead of your finger. Then you just slide that loop off your arm and voila the GT. So how dismount that one? I have tried popping it out of the triangle but it doesn’t work.

Pop the yoyo out from the back (nearest to you). Then it shouldn’t get knotted.

Happy Throwing! =]

^^ Fact.

Here’s a trick for you that I discovered, you’ll never mess this up: Look into the gap. There should be two strings in there. Find the one that connects to the bearing. Follow it up. It should come up and over another string (the one attached to your finger.) If this string is on the outside, dismount to the outside. If it is on the inside, dismount to the inside.

ya i have had the same problems. Learning different gt’s some you dismount from the front the others from the back. Guess you just got to learn which ones are which. You have a 50/50 % chance. If you choose wrong you’ll get that lil triangle thing. When this happens i ussally catch the yoyo in a trap than reverse it up in through the triangle. TaDa!!! no knot.

Pretty Off-topic :D: Example you go to a contest, Then you perform a GT, when you dismount, You hop the Yo-yo but Like a chopsticks, you insert also your thumb, then hop, is it okay?, so that the triangle will be bigger then far from knots. Is it okay?

Yes. There are no rules against doing that.

thats the best advice