how do u dismount a gt

bounce the yoyo off the string towards and let everything go. This should take you out of it :slight_smile:

Well, it depends on the GT. Sometimes, you pop it forward, and sometimes, you pop it backward.

How you do it is this: See the single string on your throwhand? Pop the yoyo up and over that going away from your body. You will notice if you do it right, you will just have a string on your non-throwhand, and all you have to do is bind. Once again: GT, Pop to the front, bind. Its that simple. However, as you progress, you will notice sometimes the GT will require you to pop to the back. You will really have to determine where to pop, but if you dismount and have a weird triangle on your hand, it means you have popped the wrong way.

thnx i got it ;D