Whenever i dismount from a GT there will be knots. why? :-\

You have to look carefully at the string. Sometimes you have to dismount from the front, and sometimes you dismount from the back.

Here’s a trick for you that I discovered, you’ll never mess this up: Look into the gap. There should be two strings in there. Find the one that connects to the bearing. Follow it up. It should come up and over another string (the one attached to your finger.) If this string is on the outside, dismount to the outside. If it is on the inside, dismount to the inside.

(This should be in the trick help section, by the way.)

umm this should be in the tricks section not here in the gerenel discussions.
anyways just like eveyrbody else said, there’s different ways to get into a GT so you have to pop it out either in the front or back.