Turning Points cheaper mono metals?

I was looking at my collection and notice a lack of Japanese company throws, so I wanted to expand and see what they are like. Turning Point has always been catching my eye but the prices are a little crazy for their bi metals. I want to know what people feel about the cheaper mono metals like the st. elmo, entangle, Haast, any in that 70 dollar range. Do they feel as premium as the bi metals? Are they interesting at all?

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Entangle feels very nice and can take a beating. Hands down they have been my favorite 3a pair to date. The haast us good as well it’s just not my cup of tea.

St elmo I like better than the palpitation so take that with what u will

I was never a fan of the palp either. @Lewivlone

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Havent played any other turning point but I quite like my st elmo. Wish it was a tad wider but it plays very well and can take one hell of a beating.

I have the St Elmo it’s very smooth . Great for just about everything. Not too expensive so I am not paranoid using it.