Turning Point Isotope Versions question


I’m thinking about a TP Isotope. Anyone know what the differences are between the versions?


I found the proper specs on these. They were wrong at the TP website. I ordered a 1.03.


I’ve been wanting to get one. You should write a review when you get it. Pleeasseee


I will, but I’m a NOOB to unresponsive play, so it will be through the eyes of someone barely able to do all the intermediate tricks.


I’d still be curious if you just want to say how you like it when it comes. I haven’t seen anything on them yet. Did you get it from the turning point store?


I did. They launched a new store over the weekend. the first 7 people to spend over $200 got a free throw. I was customer #9. I guess I missed the free one.

I ordered an outsider and an isotope.


So I was at the MidEast Regional Yoyo Contest and won an Isotope in the raffle. Talk about luck…


Got my Outsider and Isotope today. Haven’t had a chance to throw them yet. I’m stuck at work, and they are at home. I get a leviathan 4 tomorrow I think. Anyway, I got totally lucky, and got a free yoyo that appears to be an Albino Leviathan. I guess I was one of the lucky 7 after all.


The Isotope 1.03 is 3% heavier than the proto/first run


Yeah, I eventually figured that out. The few sites I was originally looking at have different specs for the 1.03 version, so I was confused, then I found the information you mentioned.

That said, it came in today, and I had about 10 minutes with it so far. I got 5 new throws today, so it may be a few days to get to a point where I have had some decent intro time with it. But the 10 minute experience was great.