First Turning Point Throw help....


So after having a bunch of the usual brands, mainly yyf, odd, clyw and stuff i decided to trade for a yyr overdrive, about a week later i got n attune and dreadnoughtg and LOVE them, i really want to get more yyrs esp a draupnir but another company that i may have overlooked is turning point. wondering what yoyo i would like…

Lately been liking oversized, something atleast full sized, something that performs well and if possible something that isn’t impossible to find on bst hahaha

have looked myself, maxbet seems too heavy and sluggish to me, Alot of tps look pretty much the same to me. Maybe the levithian 5 bc its a bit lighter?

Idk if i haven’t been looking in the right places but seems to me all tps look very very similr. 55-56mm diameter, 67-68 grams in weight, the bi metals seem cool but very hard to find on bst, for that price ill get a draupnir

maybe i should just get another yyr instead, seems like they have way more variety but still want to try a tp, its a company that i haven’t payed much attention to like yyr and since i like yyr so much maybe ill like tp?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Get an Isotope 2. If you want something cheaper get the Positron 2


If you get an Isotope 2, every other yoyo you own will have ridiculous vibe.


If you want big there’s the basilisk and prominence from turning point

Might want to check out some other awesome big throws like:
Werrd Irony JP 2k13
Yoyomonster remate
Ares Star

Maybe check out the new yoyofactory horizon since it’s so large as well


Thanks guys! Looking at TP throws i was most interested in the Isotope 2 also! :slight_smile:

Only thing is I usually get my throws on bst by trading, so i don’t have to keep forking out money, and idthink i have ever seen an Isotope 2 on bst, prob bc its so good and the people that spent over $250 on it are keeping it.

Besides TP other models that i have been looking at with some interest Sparhawk listed. im interested in the YYF Horizon , Werrd Irony JP 2013, 86400. The Ares Star also seems interesting.

thanks guys