Tucker Jensen: Beach Melodies

Here is my new video. It looked so much nicer before I uploaded it to Youtube.

Edited with better resolution.

Bump, you guys should actually watch this, please. :slight_smile:

Bump, could y’all at least tell me how I did? :slight_smile:

I really liked it. Definitely not very clear but a nice video overall. You are really good. Keep making videos!

Thanks, knowing that at least one person liked my video completes my life.

It was good man! I thought some of those trick were pretty smooth. Just needed some work in the video department of things. I’m no pro but it seemed like you had the sun at your back and it just makes it harder to see with the shadow working against you.

How long have you been throwing?

Thanks man, I’ll see what I can do, I did the whole thing with my phone, and it was hard to find a level place for it. I’ll figure it all out for my next vid. I also have been throwing a little over 3 years.

Thanks again.