Incidents::Tucker Jensen


I think I did pretty good on this, please give me some feedback.  :slight_smile:


Don’t use any random song you find on your computer


… This is less than helpful. Apparently you don’t like the song he chose? Constructive feedback, man!

I really liked the vid! Did you use multiple cameras, or just move the camera and then resumed your combo at the same place?


(And for the record, I liked the song choice, too.)


Yeah, my normal computer crashed on Friday, so I filmed it on my phone, and put the videos onto my dad’s mini-laptop (don’t know the actual term/name), it didn’t have any of the music, so I had to use some of the sample music… It was very interesting.

thank you, yeah, I just filmed one part, moved the camera then resumed at the same place on the combo I was on.


he was trying to have constructive criticism. sometimes he sounds a little harsh ::slight_smile: but he doesn’t mean to be :slight_smile:


I didn’t say I didn’t like the music just saying that you probably shouldn’t use the music you find on your computer because chances are someone’s already used the song (case in point, me.)


Sorry, I just misinterpreted the tone. Turns out it’s hard to convey tone with words on the internet!


Bump :slight_smile:


Bump take 2 :slight_smile:


Nice tricks bro ;D for some tips editing wise I would be careful not to stay on a angle for too long if you have a better view of that trick from an alternate angle. This especially helps to show what exactly is going on in that particular part of your trick or combo. This is personal preference of course but some of the shots were a bit long. After you land the trick and bring it to your hand it will help speed up the pace of your video if you immediately cut to the next trick. Some people cut before the yoyo even comes back but thats just something you have to mess around with to get a feel for.

Overall great job though. I know it sounds like I’m nitpicking but I just want to give some good constructive criticism :slight_smile: