trying to speed my tricks up tell me what you think



Looking good!


The first half is definitely “speed-up-able,” but if you want speed you’ll have to edit the second half. Btw, that was a sweet looking trick.


Daaaang, that was speedy.


How do you do that last leg bind? Is it just a reverse laceration, or something else? Been trying to get that one for a long time.


It comes after a regen, which means that the yoyo is spinning as if it’s a sideways “front throw”. You whip the string counter-clockwise around the top of the yoyo, but the slack beats the yoyo to the leg so that the yoyo falls onto the string. The loop is resting on the leg at this point, and the yoyo is falling down onto it.

Since the yoyo is spinning fronstyle, this is already the correct orientation for a bind. As the yoyo falls, the loop flips into the gap a little bit and voila, bind!