assisted leg bind


???can some explain or make a vid of home this trick is done??? ???

(J. Lev) #2

Afraid I’m not familiar with the name, but I think I might know what you’re talking about. Could you post a video of it being done?


jensen kimmitt does it

its at 1:54


whip string.

have it hit your leg

land yoyo on string.

it binds


  I tried to learn this trick a while back and it was way to hard.  Now I can do it enough to give some pointers.  To start try the trick of your arm and not your leg when your first practicing.  Use a yoyo that has a wide catch zone, but is thin around the response area.  Like a dark Magic two.  Use that for practicing, and once you get it down move onto a more wide response area yoyo.  

  As for the trick, essentially you are doing a backwards laceration.  This is where you whip the string counter-clockwise as apposed to the normal clockwise.  Once you can do that I would recommend doing the laceration but dropping the loop as as soon as the yoyo lands into the gap.  Practice that.  Once you can do that then try to get the loop of string that you are dropping to go into the gap and bind the yoyo.  Now do the backwards laceration without catching the loop and just have the loop land on your hand and fall off.  Now try to get it to go into the gap and bin the yoyo.  Once you can do this try it with your leg instead of your arm.  

 The link for the video wasn't working so I'm not even sure if this is the right trick.  any how I hope you get this trick down.  Looks very professional.


thanks for the explanatory advice its really gonna help!