Trying to re-find the best wood yoyo I've ever used

15-20 years ago my family visited the Battleship Texas boat and museum. In the gift shop I bought a Battleship Texas yoyo - it was red and had the name and image of the ship on it.

I’ve thrown a fair number of wood yoyos - BC, et al… - but for whatever reason, the Battleship Texas one played the best for me. Alas, it has been lost for quite some time.

I’ve not found another one, and odds are that I won’t. What I’m wondering is that there may be a maker who makes these yoyos for many, maybe hundreds of organizations. So, I might not find a Battleship Texas yoyo, but I may find the exact same yoyo which is just painted and branded differently.

Wondering if anyone might have some clues to help as I search - perhaps a maker. Here is a picture of a similar yoyo for the U.S.S. Alabama, haha. Shape looks about the same.



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Unfortunately, even if you do find another, you might be disappointed. It’s possible the one you had was “a diamond in the rough” so to speak.

True enough, possible that within the group of Battleship Texas yoyos, I got one that had a few things come together particularly well during the manufacturing process.

Still got to give it a try, though :slight_smile:

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Being a someone who went there as a kid myself, I hope you find it!