best wooden yoyo


is there any best wooden yoyo


A string tied to a broken tree branch. :stuck_out_tongue:

My favorite was the Smothers brothers branded kodak yoyo.

(major_seventh) #3

A lot of people will tell you the No-Jive and the Turner are the best ones.

Hey, what about the Jamboo? lol


This is equivalent to asking “How high is up?”


Any TMBR, a no jive, any OUT.

What’s the best color?


Definitely not green. Green is not a creative color.


I have an OUT “Just for Fun” that I really like. Soon I will be order a TMBR “Baldwin” that I am looking forward to having.


I want an out so bad, their beautiful. I love all their colors. Especially the ivory centerpieces, blue to be specific.

(Rock Shouse) #9

Nay…it’s personnel choice!


I got the tmbr ivring and it’s good. So prob any of the tmbrs are good


I just ordered an OUT Pocket Love. Really excited about it.


My favorites are generally pretty much any TMBR, No-Jive, or OUT. I go through periods of time where my favorite changes. I prefer take-apart models, but it doesn’t usually stop me from grabbing an OUT when I want to play. You might burn through an axle depending on how hard you throw, so that is something to consider if you want to simply replace the axle (TMBR, No-Jive) instead of the entire yoyo or sending it in for repair. I personally do not throw hard, and have yet to even etch more than one axle so your mileage may vary.